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COVID-19 Postponements Update

Further to the government announcement to extend the current phase of lockdown to May 5, 2020 and at that point, any reduction in intervention would only be a step down to the previous phase of restrictions, the Softball Ireland Board on the recommendation of the Medical Committee agreed all Softball activities remain suspended until May 31, 2020. The suspension is subject to review of the Medical Committee on May 5, 2020.

Our thoughts continue to be with all our members and their families at this time.

We would also like to thank all our members working on the frontline during this crisis

Under-22 Women's Team

European Competitions Update


Softball Ireland have received confirmation this morning that due to the ongoing global crisis caused by the COVID-19 vires the WBSC Europe Softball Division has decided amend it’s 2020 tournament schedule.

WBSC Europe Softball Division has confirmend the following:

  • European softball international events for 2020 under Softball Europe have been cancelled except for;
  • European Championships which act as qualifiers for World Cups 2021- the events have now been postponed to September.

What does this mean for softball Ireland?? Softball Ireland National teams and clubs were entered in three competitions in 2020 and update on the status of these tournaments is below:

  • Women’s European Championship postponed to September 20 – 26, 2020
  • Men’s Slowpitch European Championship *CANCELLED*
  • European CO-ED Super Cup (Dodder) *CANCELLED*

The Fastpitch Ireland Board, Softball Ireland Board and Medical Committee will review Ireland’s participation in the Women’s European Championship once venue’s have been confirmed. Any decision on Ireland’s participation in the event will be athelete driven with consideration been given to the health & safety of the players and whether it is felt the athletes will have adequate time and opportunity to prepare and condition for the tournament.

The full statement from the WBSC Europe Softball Division is available HERE

COVID-19 Update From Softball Ireland Board

Update Statement on COVID-19 from the Softball Ireland Board

 Wednesday, 25 March, 2020

Immediate Release


Updated statement from Softball Ireland regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact on the upcoming season and tournaments:

Softball Ireland continues to closely monitor the coronavirus pandemic and advice from both national and international health organisations and experts.

The health and safety of the Softball Ireland community is our top priority and we want to continue to implement the utmost precautions to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Further to the announcement of tighter restrictions by the Irish & British governments in the last 48 hours.
Softball Ireland wish to reconfirm that its instruction to the clubs, regions and national teams to suspend all training sessions and upcoming competitions until the end of April remains in place.
At this time it appears likely that the suspension may continue into May and June, however the Softball Ireland Board will continue to monitor all governmental instructions and the advice of the Softball Ireland Medical Committee on this ever changing situation and update the membership accordingly.
Softball Ireland would like to thank our members who in numerous different capacities are on the “front line” of this emergency.
Lastly, we encourage our members to continue following the advice of the HSE and to self-isolate as necessary, have proper hand hygiene and that the use of social distancing is the most effective way we have of stopping the spread of this virus.

Statement on COVID-19 from the Softball Ireland Board

Statement on COVID-19 from the Softball Ireland Board


Thursday, 12 March, 2020


Immediate Release



Statement from Softball Ireland regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact on the upcoming season and tournaments:


Softball Ireland is continuing to closely monitor the coronavirus pandemic and advice from both national and international health organisations and experts.


The health and safety of the Softball Ireland community is our top priority and we want to implement the utmost precautions to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).


After recent conversations by our Medical Committee with other sporting NGBs, Softball Ireland is instructing its regions and national teams to suspend all training sessions and upcoming competitions until the end of April. We understand that this decision results in a significant amount of inconvenience and disappointment to our members, volunteers and supporters.


This decision has been undertaken with consideration for our members, their families and friends, as well as the general population.


We find ourselves in a dynamic and rapidly changing situation, and will make any necessary changes to optimise the season, if possible, for our members. It is likely that the suspension will continue into May and June, but we will monitor the situation and update the membership accordingly.


Lastly, we encourage our members to be aware of the significant amount of misinformation being disseminated on social media, and only take advice from recognised authorities. Remember that avoiding travel to affected areas, self-isolating as necessary, proper hand hygiene and use of social distancing are the most effective ways we have of stopping the spread of this virus.


Softball Ireland AGM

Softball Ireland Annual General Meeting

The Softball Ireland reconvended Annual General Meeting was held on February 15, 2020.

Presidential Elections

Colum Lavery – 17 Votes

Karey Lewis – 6 Votes

Jonathan Spielberg – 6 Votes 

Colum Lavery was deemed elected as President of Softball Ireland

Softball Ireland Baord

The Annual General Meeting ratified the appointment of the below listed Softball Ireland Board 

  • Conor Sayles – Secretary 
  • Massimo Lepri – Treasurer
  • Amanda Ní Ghabhann – Softball Leinster Rep
  • Reginald Clark – Softball Ulster Rep
  • Melanie Cunningham – Fastptich Ireland Rep
  • Declan Carty – Ordinary Member
  • Andrew Craven – Ordinary Member
  • Jordan Sylver – Ordinary Member

The Softball Ireland AGM Minutes will be circulated shortly.

AGM & Presidential Debate

The reconvened Annual General Meeting of Softball Ireland will be held at ALSAA Sports Centre, Old Airport Rd, Toberbunny, Co.Dublin, K67 YV06 on Saturday February 15, 2020 at 12.00pm.  The previously published the AGENDA and supporting documentation for the meeting may be found by clicking here. 

The AGM will be immediately followed by an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider proposed amendments to the Consitution. These include the enactment of recommendations arising from the recent independent panel, as well as issues and clarifications which arose previously during the presidential election campaign period. Questions or comments are welcome to secretary@softball.ie.

A further review of Softball Ireland’s governance to conform with the Governance Code will be conducted in the coming months which will result in further proposed consitutional amendments at the 2020 Annual General Meeting. Proposed Amendments to Softball Ireland Constitution may be downloaded by clicking here

Presidential Candidate Town Hall Details

A Presidential Candidates Town Hall Debate will be held on Wednesday February 12th at 7.15pm in Sportsco, Ringsend.

The debate will be held in lieu of candidate statements and Q+A session at the AGM. The depate will be streamed LIVE on Facebook for those of who who cannot make it person. Questions can be submiotted in advance to secretary@softball.ie or asked on the night. 

2020 Tournament Calendar

Softball Ireland have published the provisional 2020 tournament calendar on its website.

The calender currently outlines the 2020 Softball Ireland, Softball Leinster and Softball Ulster calendar of events. Any clubs wishing to host a tournament during 2020 will shortly receive a link with an application form for tournament approval.

The calender will be updated throughout the season as additional club tournaments are announced and the Softball Leinster dates are confirmed.

Softball Ireland 2020 Tournament Schedule

Baden Sports

Softball Ireland Announce Baden as Official Slowpitch Ball Partner

Baden Sports
Baden Sports

Softball Ireland have announced Baden as the official Softball Ireland slowpitch ball partner for the 2020 season. The partnership will see Baden Balls made available to Softball Ireland clubs at a promotional cost and will be the official ball for the Brian Walshe Cup, Irish Open Softball Tournament and the National Club Championship game. In addition, the ball will be used by the Slowpitch National Teams in their preparations for international tournaments.

Speaking on the announcement, Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Ransome Sporting Goods to supply Baden Balls to Softball Ireland and our clubs. Baden’s balls are of the highest quality and have been used in UK and European tournaments for the last number of years. We are confident that the partnership will benefit our members by making high quality balls available to them at a promotional cost. We look forward to working with Ransome Sporting Goods in the coming months and years.”

Alan Ransome, managing director of Ransome Sporting Goods commented ‘We are pleased to support Softball Ireland with the supply of Baden Softballs to teams and players throughout Ireland for 2020.  We pride ourselves on offering the best products with the best value and we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with Softball Ireland for many years to come.’

Click Here to order your team balls for the 2020 Season 

In addition to softball’s Ransome Sporting Goods provided a range of other Softball and Baseball equipment, full details of which are available on their website.

SI Adopts Safegaurding Policies – Immediate Effect

The independent panel report issued on Janaury 29, 2020 identified that Softball Ireland’s existing Underage Player Guidelines needed to be amended and appropriate safegaurding policies put in place.

Softball Ireland is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of its members. Every person associated with the organisation should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of others and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the organisation and supports the guidelines contained in the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport. Softball Ireland’s first priority is the welfare of its members, especially young people.

Softball Ireland are committed to providing an environment that will allow players and participants to perform to the best of their ability, free from bullying, intimidation, harassment or abuse.

The Softball Ireland Board having noted the recommendation of the indpendent panel agreed that with effect from Janaury 28, 2020 that Softball Ireland will adopt the current Baseball Ireland policy as a transitional arrangement to allow a Softball Ireland specific policy to be drafted. The Softball Ireland, Board, Regional Associations, National Teams and all members (teams and individuals) are bound by the Softball Ireland Code Of Ethics & Good Practice For Children’s Sport as adopted by the Board on January 28, 2020.

The additional existing playing requirement for under 18 slowpitch players playing adult softball as set out in the Underage Player Guidelines remain in force.

Softball Ireland Board member Amanda Ní Ghabhann has agreed to draft the Softball Ireland specific policy and has a vast experience in this area from her time with Swim Ireland. 

Access the Code Of Ethics & Good Practice For Children’s Sport

Softball Ireland Underage Player Guidelines

Report of Independent Panel

The Independent Panel, appointed to review the 2018 Men’s Slowpitch National Team accounts, and the subsequent behaviour of the Team Manager and the Softball Ireland (SI) Board, has issued its final report which is available here.

The SI Board welcomes the findings of the report, and accepts that internal controls were not effective enough to identify and address this mismanagement of funds. The Board acted promptly to revoke the suspension of Jonathan Spielberg on the advice of the panel, and has already begun to progress the recommendations.

Softball Ireland wish to thank the Independent Panel, Jonathan Spielberg, Anthony O’Grady and the Board for fully engaging in an open, transparent and constructive manner.

Click Here to Download Independent Panel Report