Irish Open Softball Tournament

The Irish Open Softball Tournament (known as IOST) is the highlight of the softball calendar in Ireland. This tournament sees a large number of teams congregate in Limerick for two days of softball, fun and social antics. Team registration for the Brian Walshe Cup opens up early each year (owing to its popularity), with details advertised on the Softball Ireland website and social media pages.

Latest IOST News

Past IOST Winners

YearVenueRunner UpWinner
2023MTU CorkOri-ginalsBelfast Softball Club
2022MTU CorkTraiderzBatPak
2021Not Held Due to Covid
2020Not Held Due to Covid
2019University of Limerick
2018University of Limerick
2017Carlow IT
2016University of LimerickDodder DynamoesMarlay
2015University of Limerick2PakOriginals
2014University of LimerickDodder DynamoesOriginals
2013University of LimerickDodder DynamoesOriginals
2012University of LimerickOriginalsStingers*
2011University of LimerickOriginalsDodder Dynamoes
2010Cork ITStingers*Marlay Martyrs
2009Cork ITStingers*Oddsox Green
2008University of UlsterStingers*BatPak
2007University of LimerickBatPakOddsox Green
2006University of LimerickStingers*BatPak
2005University of LimerickBatPak
2004London Breakers*
2003Oddsox Green
2001Saints Stingers*
2000Dodder Dynamoes
1996Marlay Martyrs