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This page was last updated on 17/05/2021.

The purpose of this hub is to keep you up to date with the latest news, FAQ’s and guidance as Ireland returns to playing softball during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As COVID-19 is an evolving situation, this page will be updated regularly as the Softball Ireland guidance changes. Players or teams can use the contact form at the bottom of this page to anonymously raise concerns about player or team activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Important Documents

Current Status

Event TypeRepublic of Ireland (ROI)Northern Ireland (NI)
Training / Practice:YesYes
Tournaments / Blitzes:NoYes*
Open DaysNoYes
*Currently limited to a four (4) team maximum

Important Dates

Monday 10th May 2021
ROI: the Government has lifted restrictions on sports and groups of up to 15 players can meet (to train only) provided they follow all Govermental and Softball Ireland RTPP guidance.

What to do if a player…

What to do if a player is symptomatic for COVID-19:

In the event that a player on your team reports that they are symptomatic for COVID-19 (a fever >38°C, a new cough, shortness of breath or a change or loss in their sense of taste or smell) your team COVID-19 Officer must complete the following steps:

  • Immediately send home the symptomatic player and anyone else from the same household (if present)
  • Advise the symptomatic player to remain at home (if not already present)
  • Advise the symptomatic player to follow local Government advise on testing and contact tracing
  • Ensure the team electronic record of attendance and symptom assessments is up to date and accurate
  • Advise the player to notify you immediately upon confirmation of a positive COVID-19 swab result
  • In the event that a symptomatic player has already been involved with a training session or game, all players should be advised to go home immediately and await further contact tracing advise.

What to do if a player tests positive for COVID-19:

In the event that a player on your team reports positive test for COVID-19 your team COVID-19 Officer complete the following steps:

  • Any game or training session involving the affected team in progress must cease immediately
  • Softball Ireland must be notified immediately (email:
  • All training sessions involving the affected team must be suspended for a minimum of 14 days
  • All players, coaches and umpires must follow local Government contact tracing advice and self-isolate if advised to do so

In the event of a positive case of COVID-19 within a league, all games (including friendlies and tournaments) in the affected league will be suspended by Softball Ireland for a minimum of 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I play softball in Ireland (ROI)?

Training has resumed in ROI. Games are currently suspended in ROI until further Government guidance is released.

When can I play softball in Northern Ireland (NI)?

Training and games are now both permitted in NI.

Can I organise a tournament or blitz?

NI: Tournaments and blitzes are currently permitted in NI, but SI has limited the number of teams participating to four a at the present time Softball Ireland have concerns that tournaments and blitzes could promote the spread of COVID-19. This decision is under constant review.

ROI: Tournaments and blitzes are currently not permitted in ROI.

Will Softball Ireland be organising any tournaments?

The Softball Ireland Board is hoping that restrictions will be lifted to allow the safe return of tournaments in 2021. Although tournaments are planned, there is no confirmation yet whether tournaments will be allowed in 2021. Softball Ireland will update the membership as soon as tournaments are permitted.

Can I organise an open day?

NI: Open days are permitted in ROI provided they are in adherence with RTPP and SI Tournament guidance.

ROI: At the present time open days are not permitted in ROI.

A player on my team has tested positive for COVID-19 and large number of the team are now self-isolating. Do we have to forfeit our upcoming game(s)?

No. If enough players on a team have to self-isolate to the point of a forfeit, SI would recommend that the game(s) be rescheduled rather than incurring a forfeit. SI do not want the threat of a forfeit to cloud players’ judgements regarding the possible need to self-isolate.

COVID-19 Contact

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 and softball, please email them to: