Slow Pitch Softball

Slow Pitch Softball is softball in its simplest form. It is a great way for beginners and social players to participate in the sport. The majority of softball played on the island of Ireland is Slow Pitch, including the Leinster and Ulster leagues, the Brian Walshe Cup, the Irish Open Softball Tournament, the Softball Ulster Start of Season and End of Season Tournaments, and the Carrie Trundle Cup. A number of teams also organise their own tournaments throughout the year, giving a lot of opportunity for new and existing players to play Slow Pitch.

Every year in September Softball Ireland invites the the winners of the Slow Pitch Regional Leagues to participate in the Softball Ireland National Club Championship (SINCC). This competition determines who will be nominated by Softball Ireland to represent Ireland at the Co-ed Slow Pitch European Super Cup.

Softball Ireland National Club Championship 2017
Softball Ireland National Club Championship 2017

If you are interested in playing Slow Pitch Softball, you might want to consider visiting the following regional league websites for more information:

Softball Leinster

Softball Ulster

Galway Softball

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