2021 Softball Ireland Budget

The Softball Ireland budget is shared below to assist members understanding to where your membership fees go over the course of a 12 month period. The two largest expenditures for Softball Ireland are Insurance and Tournaments. As you will see from the income in the table below, our tournament just about break even over a course of a season. In an effort to keep our fees down to attract new members (the fee per player based on 14 registered members on a team is Eur25 per player) we have set a team fee which does not change irrespective of number of players. As a result of this decision coupled with the pandemic, Softball Ireland membership revenue has reduced by 25% since 2019. In order to continue providing courses, training opportunities and to develop the sport, the SI Board has invested SI reserves into the sport, which are now depleted.

In 2020, the SI Board approved the Slowpitch Development Vision which is currently being finalised into a Slowpitch Development and Growth plan. The Eur30 per team development levy will be ring fenced for development activities only and to support the implementation of Slowpitch development activities in 2021.

The Softball Ireland is anticipating a breakeven 2021.

Softball Ireland Budget 1/10/2020 – 31/09/2021

 Reduced Year
Banking and Insurance €3,120.00 €824.89
Tournament Costs €7,110.00 €214.83
International Affiliations €925.00 €1,487.92
IT & Website €242.80 €277.42
Equipment €1,793.08 €3,349.81
Development & Marketing €2,000.00 €1,464.25
International Teams €560.00  
Board Costs €450.00 €170.00
Merger Costs Contingency €1,000.00  
Miscellanous Expenses €386.32
Redicare – COVID Screening €1,412.00
Total Expenses €17,200.88 €9,587.44
Membership Fees €9,800.00 €6,370.00
Tournaments €7,347.00  
Development Levys €840.00  
Equipment Sales €1,400.00
Other Income €3,137.34
Drawdown from Reserves  
Total Income €17,987.00 €10,907.34