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Softball Ireland Partner with SportsNews Ireland to launch Pick’n’Mix tournaments in 2019

Softball Ireland has today announced that it will partner with SportsNews Ireland to add two exciting Pick’n’Mix Tournaments to the Softball Ireland tournament schedule in 2019.

The tournaments will invite Players to sign up individually on the day and then be allocated to teams based on positional needs and ability. The balanced teams will allow players to share their varied playing experience with each other whilst also enjoying close games in a relaxed environment.

Softball Ireland have also confirmed that the National Team Coaches will be available to run short hitting and throwing skills clinics at the Pick’n’Mix tournaments.

Head of operations at SportsNewsIRELAND Joe Naughton said “We are delighted to be sponsoring the new Pick’n’Mix tournaments in 2019, we feel it will be a great way for players of all levels to learn and get to know softballers from other clubs.”

Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said “We are very grateful to SportsNews Ireland for partnering with us for these new tournaments. Tournaments similar to this format have been ran very successfully previously and we look forward to promoting and running these fun family friendly days. We are delighted that we will be embarking on this exciting journey with the full support of SportsNews Ireland.”


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Other Softball Ireland 2019 Tournaments

  • Brian Walshe Cup
  • Softball Ireland National League
  • Irish Open Softball Tournament
  • Softball Ireland National Club Championships
  • Softball Ireland Indoor Tournaments

Softball Leinster AGM Agenda Confirmed

(The “Region”)
Softball Leinster AGM to be held at Parnell’s GAA Club
On Sunday 21st October 2018, at 12:00pm
• Confirm Team Representative Attendance and confirm that the quorum of 50% (13 teams)
has been met. (Secretary)
• Approve 2017 AGM minutes (Secretary)
• Review of the SL 2018 Season (Chairperson)
• Review the SL Accounts for the 2018 Season (Treasurer)
• Vote on Constitutional Motions – (None)
• Vote for new committee members – recruit new volunteers
o Massimo Lepri (Wicklow Wolves) has put his name forward to be Treasurer again
o From last year’s committee Brian Ebbs (Inglorious Batters), Muireann O’Farrell
(Homers), Johnny O’Brien (Thunderbolts) and Todd Zboyan (Marlay Martyrs) have
offered to stay on as Ordinary Members.
o Need to recruit a SL Secretary and one more ordinary member.
• Any other business for the Leinster Region?

2019 Softball Ulster Council Confirmed

Softball Ulster at its 2018 AGM Softball Ulster elected its Council for 2019. Softball Ireland wish to congratulate to Phil Wallace (Chief Umpire), Andrew Craven (Secretary), Rachel Bourgault (Vice Chair) and Glenn McKnight (Competitions Officer) on their appointments to Council. Softball Ireland look forward to continue working with Softball Ulster’s Chair Jay Slevin and her Council.

More details on the Softball Ulster 2019 Council may be found here

Softball Ulster Players

New Softball Ulster Council

Softball Ulster at its 2018 AGM Softball Ulster elected its Council for 2019. Softball Ireland wish to congratulate to Phil Wallace (Chief Umpire), Andrew Craven (Secretary), Rachel Bourgault (Vice Chair), Glenn McKnight (Competitions Officer) and Kerry Gottschalk (Media Officer) on their appointments to Council. Softball Ireland look forward to continue working with Softball Ulster’s Chair Jay Slevin and her Council.

For more information on on Softball Ulster’s elections and their Council click here 


Slow Pitch Development Working Group Announced

Softball Ireland have today announced the formation of a Slow-pitch Development Working Group whose key objective is to develop a plan to support the retention and growth of participation in adult Slow-pitch Softball in Ireland.

Softball Ireland have appointed Katie Sadleir as the independent Chairperson of the Working Group. Katie is a high profile and experienced appointment with a broad knowledge in the sports world having shaped High Performance sport in New Zealand for a number of years. Katie is currently the General Manager of Women’s Rugby for World Rugby. Katie is a former Olympian and Commonwealth medal winner with New Zealand.

The other members of the Working Group will include representatives from Leinster, Ulster and Galway as nominated by the Regional boards. The Softball Ireland Executive members will also sit on the Working Group.

Speaking on the creation of the Working Group, Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said:

“The retention and growth of participation in adult slow-pitch softball is Softball Ireland’s number 1 priority and we are delighted that the development Working Group has formed to look at retention and growth of Players in detail and I look forward to its work beginning. The Working Group has taken a little longer than planned to form but we are confident that under the leadership of an experienced Chair such as Katie we will make up the lost time.”

The Terms of Reference for the Working Group stem from the successful membership forum held in 2017.

The Working Group will report to the Softball Ireland Board and updates will be shared with the members quarterly.

Dodder Crowned National Champions

Dodder Softball Club were crowned National Champions for the second time in three in years after a dominant display against Ulster League champions Belfast Softball Club (BSC). Similar to the 2017 final against TNT, BSC left themselves with a mountain to climb after conceding 13 to Dodder in the first inning. After conceding a run at the top of one, Dodder came out firing and went through the order scoring 13 through a combination of base hits and some power hitting over the fences. From there on in Dodder controlled the game keeping the score board ticking over and ultimately winning the game in the fourth on the runs ahead rule.

The Leinster league continues its dominance over the tournament and Dodder will be one of Softball Ireland’s two representatives at the 2020 European Super Cup.

The facebook live feed of the game can be viewed here

Box Score
Inning: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total
Belfast Softball Club 1 1 5 2 X X X 9
Dodder Softball Club 13 6 5 6 X X X 30

SINCC 2018 Rosters Announced

Belfast Softball Club and Dodder Softball Club have announced their expanded rosters ahead of the 2018 SINCC final to be played in Dublin on Saturday September 15, 2018. Both teams will submit their final 18 player roster on September 15. The SINCC winners will be crowned national champions and also qualify as Ireland’s representative to the 2020 European Slopitch Super Cup.

Softball Ireland National Club Championships

September 15, 2018 – Stanaway Park Dublin @1230

Expanded Rosters

Belfast Softball Club  Dodder Softball Club
Philip Wallace Ken McCarthy
Sean Gottschalk John McCarthy
Tom Napier Frank Geoghegan
Jay Manticahon Leo Farrell
Nathaniel McQueen Carl Ward
Mark White John Austin
Andy Lamont Brian Connolly
Kevin Havekes Stephen Carter
Ryan Kerr Derek Ward
James Calow Ciaran Darcy
Patrick Scullion Andrew O’Hanlon
Richard Simpson Niall Lavery
Glyn Rees Tim Healy
Elaine Barr Graham Sullivan
Deb Gray Jordan Sylver
Audrey Osborne Shawna Walsh
Irena Mihneva Ciara Walsh
Emily Davison Olwen Barrett
Kerry Gottschalk Ruth Brady
Christina Carty Sara Radics
Orlaigh Connor Ashley Downs
Amandine Ledru Noeleen McCarthy
Niamh Donegan Susan McCarthy
Janice Ward
Meabh Hogan
Katerina Prazakova
Siobhain Monerawela

SINCC 2018 Confirmed for September 15, 2018

The 2018 Softball Ireland National Club Championships between the Belfast Softball Club (Ulster League Winners) and Dodder the (Leinster League Winners) will be held on September 15, 2018 in Stanaway Park @ 12:30.

The game is held annually and rotates hosting between Leinster and Ulster will decided one of Ireland’s representatives at the 2020 European Club Championships.

A link to the venue on google maps can be found here.

2017 Year in Review – SI National Club Championships

The 2017 edition of the Softball Ireland National Club Championships (SINCC) was hosted by Softball Ulster on a cold and wet September morning.

The annual competition saw the winner of the 2017 Leinster Premier League – TNT play the 2017 Ulster League Champions – Belfast Brawlers for the National Club Championships.

Softball Ulster were great hosts with both teams arriving to a full fenced diamond and good quality infield considering the time of the year. SINCC acted as a prelude to the Softball Ulster end of season tournament.

The game itself was somewhat one sided with TNT jumping out to a 11-2 lead in the first inning after which they never gave the Brawlers a chance to get back into the game. The final score on the day was 26-3.

TNT as 2017 SINCC winners will join Dodder, the 2016 winners, in representing Ireland at the European Club Championships in Italy in 2018.

Season Is Not Over Yet

Just because the league season is over doesn’t mean the Softball stops … we have an action packed September & October coming up, so don’t put away those gloves just yet!!!

Date What Time Where
September 24, 2016 SINCC Final 1000 Terenure Sports Centre
September 24, 2016 Softball Ireland Forum 1145 Terenure Sports Centre
September 24, 2016 T-Bolts Blitz 1400 ALSAA
October 1, 2016 Belfast End of Season 0900 Belfast
October 15, 2016 Masked Ball 1900 Hilton Hotel
October 29, 2016 Indoor Softball 0900 ALSAA

At the time of publishing, Softball Leinster have yet to confirm dates for the 2016 League Playoffs

Softball Ireland “Future of Softball in Ireland Forum”

Softball Ireland are delighted to confirm the timings and format of the “Future of Softball” Forum which will be held at 1145 on September 24, 2016 in the Terenure Sports Club to follow the Softball Ireland National Club Championships – this may start 15 minutes later depending on the finishing time of the SINCC Final. Continue reading “Softball Ireland “Future of Softball in Ireland Forum””

Softball Ireland Logo

Softball Ireland Announce Forum on the Future of the Game

Softball Ireland have today announced that a Forum on the future development of Softball in Ireland will be held on September 24, 2016 at 1230 in the Terenure Sports Grounds.

The purpose of the forum is to provide members an opportunity to discuss what is working in the sport, what is not and consider way’s to promote and develop the game of Softball in Ireland. In advance of the forum each club will receive a survey to assist in assessing the current state of the Game in Ireland.

We would encourage as many players/ex-players from all divisions to attend.