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Ashbourne Antlers Need Our Help

Leinster League’s Ashbourne Antlers Softball Club and their sister club Ashbourne Baseball Club are asking for our support in signing a petition (Click Here For Link To Petition) to protect the International Baseball Centre.

A motion is going before Meath County Council regarding the planning status of the land that the International Baseball Centre,home to the Ashbourne Antlers. The proposal is seeking to have this land zoned as residential.

Such a decision would open the possibility of the land being sold to a developer and Ashbourne Baseball and Softball Club being evicted. The club has invested a lot of time, energy and money into the venue which has become the premier venue for Baseball in Ireland since it opened. The venue is also home to the Antlers and has become a facourite venue for teams to travel to.

We would ask our members to support Ashbourne Antlers and Ashbourne Baseball club by signing the attached petition and sharing the link on social media and across your teams.

Softball Ireland 2021 Board Appointed

At the Softball Ireland Annual General Meeting held via Zoom on November 29, 2020 the Softball Ireland Board for the 2021 Season was elected as follows:

– Colum Lavery (President – 2nd of 2 year term)

– Steven Trundle (Secretary – DB Packers)

– Massimo Lepri (Treasurer – Wicklow)

– Declan Carty (Board Member – Galway)

– Andrew Craven (Ulster Rep – Sliders/Chair of SU)

– Melanie Cunningham (Fastpitch Rep – Marlay/Chair of Fastpitch Ireland)

– Gillian Fitzpatrick (Board Member – Dodder)

– Amanda Ní Ghabhann (Leinster Rep – Renegades/SL Secretary)

– Matt Steerman (Board Member – Kegs)

Speaking following the election, Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said “I am really excited to welcome the new Board members to Softball Ireland. We have a lot of work to do in order to continue growing Softball in Ireland and I am delighted we are joined on the Board by a number of returning Board members and new faces who will bring fresh ideas and lot of expertise. I am excited to see what we can achieve in the coming months and years.”

Colum added “I wish to thank Conor Sayles for all his efforts as Secretary for the last three years. Conor has helped manage and guide Softball Ireland with a calm hand and professionalism. I also wish to thank Reggie Clark for his time and commitment to the Board as the Softball Ulster Rep in 2020.”

COVID-19 Restrictions Update (Island of Ireland)

Island of Ireland Restrictions

In accordance with the restrictions as set out by the Northern Ireland Executive and the decision of the Irish Government to move the Republic of Ireland to Level 5, all Softball activities inclusive of training is suspended for a period of six weeks from Thursday October 22, 2020.

Please note that during this period no softball activities are covered by the Softball Ireland insurance policy. Please note that the suspension of activities inludes but is not limited to leagues, tournament, inter-team games, practices and training in any sized grouping.

Softball Ireland woud encourage our members to follow all public health guidelines and continue to work together to reduce the spread of the virus.

The Board wishes continued good health to all our members and their families.

Suspension of Softball Activities in Leinster

Softball Ireland have been advised this afternoon of a positive COVID-19 test from a player who played in the Hippies v Dodder Premier Division game on August 4, 2020.

The Softball Ireland Medical Committee were notified of the positive case and the Committee have considered the impact of the positive result noting in particular player movement within the Softball Leinster League during the 2020 season. 

The Softball Ireland Board recognise the efforts taken by all teams to ensure a safe playing environment for all participants to date and urge clubs to continue following the Protocols available on 

The Board, having noted the recommendation of the Medical Committee, this evening AGREED that:

  • Players from Dodder Softball Club and Hippetys Softball Club cannot participate in any Softball Activities for 14 days with immediate effect.
  • Softball activities in Softball Leinster inclusive of practice are postponed from 0700 Saturday August 15, 2020 through 0700 August 23, 2020. 
  • Softball activities in Galway inclusive of practice are postponed from 0700 Saturday August 15, 2020 through 0700 August 23, 2020.

All players are reminded to follow the HSE guidance with regards to COVID-19 and monitor for symptoms. If you concerned that you may require a test, please follow the HSE process detailed on the following link:

The Softball Ireland Board appreciate the ongoing support of the Softball Leinster Committee and the impacted teams at this time.

Softball Ireland Slowpitch Umpiring Course – Session 3

The third part of the Softball Ireland umpiring course will be held via Zoom on August 20, 2020. The third sesseion will cover Basics of Game Management Part 2.

If you are interested in attending please contact Massimo on to register your attendance.

If you have missed either of the first two sessions of the course, not to worry, they have been uploaded to the Softball Ireland Youtube TV Channel and can be located in the Coaching section using the below link. The videos can also be accessed via the Softball Ireland homepage.

Softball Ireland TV Link

Champion Green, Champion Softballers

Softball Ireland have today announced an initiative to support the promotion of businesses owned by Softball Ireland members through our website and social media channels.

2020 has been a very difficult year for most small business in Ireland and in support of the national campaign to “Champion Green” we are asking the Softball Ireland community to “Shop Local, Shop Softball”.

Softball Ireland member owned small businesses are invited to send us in details of their businesses, their promotions etc and Softball Ireland will promote them to the Sofball Ireland community through our website and social media channels.

We will be creating a dedicated page on our site to allow members to check the directory of Softball Ireland member businesses.

The Softball Ireland board feel its important to encourage, Shop Local, Shop Softball, to support our community in these challenging times.

If you wish to submit your business name, logo, short explanation of what you do and contact details please send them to

Have Your Say: CO-ED Slowpitch Development Plan Consultation

The Slowpitch Development Working Group has prepared a DRAFT development plan for co-ed slowpitch softball in Ireland.

This plan has been developed with the working party comprising of Ruth Brady, Declan Carty, Andrew Craven, Will Gilpin, Amanda Ní Ghabhann, Jay Slevin & Colum Lavery (President).  There have been two workshops to develop the DRAFT, and a third is planned for the end of August to considering member feedback.

Sofball Ireland members are invited to review the attached draft Co-ed Slowpitch Development plan and consider the below questions.

The DRAFT CO-ED Slowpitch Development Plan can be downloaded here

1. Do you agree with the vision statement yes/No
2. If No can you, please provide comment on what needs to be changed and or added
3. Do you agree with the six work streams required to achieve the Vision yes/No
4. If No can you, please provide comment on what is missing and or should be removed/changed
5. Is there anything missing from the tasks/programmes to be developed that you feel should be considered for inclusion in the next Draft

The final date for feedback on the plan is Monday 17th August. The Project Team will meet on the 27th August and consider what changes should be made to the Draft as a result of the feedback received. Following this meeting, a final Draft Development Plan will be provided to the Softball Ireland Board for its consideration and hopefully, approval.

Members are asked to send their feedback on the DRAFT CO-ED Slowpitch Development plan to

Softball Ireland to host on-line Introductory Umpire Course

Softball Ireland are delighted to confirm that an on-line Introductory Slow-pitch Umpire Course will be hosted by Paul Peake and Massimo Lepri on Thursday 23rd July at 7pm.

The course is open to all Softball Ireland members and is part of Softball Ireland’s broader committment to increasing the number of umpires across the island of Ireland. Details on furter courses together with the outcomes and umpire pathways developed following the Softball Ireland Umpires Working Group will be circulated shortly.

In odred to register your attendance for the on-line course please contact Massimo Lepri at .

Home plate with a bat, balls and helmet.

COVID-19 Symptom Screening & Contact Tracing

Effective July 20, 2020

Softball Ireland have announced the launch of its COVID-19 Symptom Screening and Contact Tracking Web-App.

In accordance with government requirements Softball is required to maintain records of all attendees at Softball training and games. Additionally, it is the recommendation of Sport Ireland that all participants certify they are not experiencing symptoms prior to training/playing.

Softball Ireland have partnered with Redicare for the use of a a GDPR compliant and secure COVID-19 online survey which will both provide a Play/No Play advice to participants and the required contact tracing functionality.

All members of Softball Ireland wishing to play softball with effect from July 20, 2020 are required to register and complete the Web App questionnaire in advance of each training/game. The questionnaire should be completed as close to the event time possible but no earlier than 6 hours in advance.

Team/Club COVID-19 Officers will be provided with team admin access in-order to use the Web App to track attendance at training and games.

For further questions on the Web-App kindly email

Home plate with a bat, balls and helmet.

Return to Play Protocol

Softball Ireland are pleased to publish their Return to Play Protocol. The Protocol aims to help clubs and players return to the game of softball during the COVID-19 pandemic. Information will be updated as required on the ‘Latest COVID-19 Information‘ area of the website.

Please note that the Return to Play Protocol is a living document, and will updated as and when government advice changes. Please pay careful attention to the version number and date of publication.

Return to Play Protocol v1.0 (Published 26th June 2020)

Return to Play Announcement

The Softball Ireland Board having noted the recommendation of the Medical Committee have confirmed that clubs based in the Republic of Ireland may return to training with effect from July 4, 2020 and return to games from July 20, 2020 subject to meeting criteria.

The Return to Play protocol and requirements together with registration details and an update on insurance will be published on the Softball Ireland Website by no later than June 26, 2020.

Softball Ireland are delighted to be in a position to announce and confirm the return to play dates and see people back on the field of play, however, please note that the Softball Ireland insurance policy (and in particular the Public Liability part of the policy) remains suspended until July 4, 2020. Should any player or small group of players participate in any Softball activities prior to July 4, 2020 they do so at their own risk and are fully liable for any injuries / damage to other participants, third party bystanders or property.

An infield softball.

Return to Play Update

Softball Ireland note the announcement from the Irish government today that all sporting activity in the Republic of Ireland can resume from 29 June, the format of which is at the discretion of the National Governing Body. The Softball Ireland Medical Committee will meet in the coming days to assess today’s government decision and provide further recommendations to the Board about the possible acceleration of the Return to Play Date.

Softball Ireland wish to remind teams and players of the following:

– The suspension of all formal team/club organised Softball activites (incliuding training) on the island of Ireland remains in place until July 20, 2020.  This must be strictly adhered to.

– The Softball Ireland insurance policy (and in particular the Public Liability part of the policy) remains suspended until July 20, 2020. Should any player or small group of players participate in any Softball activities prior to July 20, 2020they do so at their own risk and are fully liable for any injuries / damage to other participants, third party bystanders or prorperty.   

Please do not hesitate to contact Colum Lavery should you have any questions on the matter.