Champion Green, Champion Softballers

Softball Ireland have today announced an initiative to support the promotion of businesses owned by Softball Ireland members through our website and social media channels.

2020 has been a very difficult year for most small business in Ireland and in support of the national campaign to “Champion Green” we are asking the Softball Ireland community to “Shop Local, Shop Softball”.

Softball Ireland member owned small businesses are invited to send us in details of their businesses, their promotions etc and Softball Ireland will promote them to the Sofball Ireland community through our website and social media channels.

We will be creating a dedicated page on our site to allow members to check the directory of Softball Ireland member businesses.

The Softball Ireland board feel its important to encourage, Shop Local, Shop Softball, to support our community in these challenging times.

If you wish to submit your business name, logo, short explanation of what you do and contact details please send them to