An infield softball.

Return to Play Update

Softball Ireland note the announcement from the Irish government today that all sporting activity in the Republic of Ireland can resume from 29 June, the format of which is at the discretion of the National Governing Body. The Softball Ireland Medical Committee will meet in the coming days to assess today’s government decision and provide further recommendations to the Board about the possible acceleration of the Return to Play Date.

Softball Ireland wish to remind teams and players of the following:

– The suspension of all formal team/club organised Softball activites (incliuding training) on the island of Ireland remains in place until July 20, 2020.  This must be strictly adhered to.

– The Softball Ireland insurance policy (and in particular the Public Liability part of the policy) remains suspended until July 20, 2020. Should any player or small group of players participate in any Softball activities prior to July 20, 2020they do so at their own risk and are fully liable for any injuries / damage to other participants, third party bystanders or prorperty.   

Please do not hesitate to contact Colum Lavery should you have any questions on the matter.