Softball Ireland Umpires Working Group Report

In response to growing concerns at the quality and quantity of umpires in the regions, Softball Ireland setup a working group in September 2019 chaired by the Softball Ireland Secretary to assess the current state of play and recommend actions to move forward.

The Working Group members consisted of the respective Regional Umpiring Chiefs, current and formed ESF umpires and active umpires from the regions. The Working group consisted of the following members:

  • Conor Sayles (Chair)
  • Maarten Blanken (SU)
  • Niall Byrne (SL)
  • Sean Gottschalk (SU)
  • Derek Harnett (SL)
  • Paul Peake (SL)
  • Phil Wallace (SU)
  • Colum Lavery (SI President)

Speaking on the report, Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said “Umpiring is a major challenge facing Softball Ireland, especially in the Leinster Region at this time. Softball Ireland formed this group to hopefully assist the efforts of the Regional Boards in addressing the challenges they are facing. I wish to thank the Working Group members for their honest, constructive and expert input and recommendations. The Working Group meetings highlighted the depth of experience that still exists in our sport and the enthusiasm to make real progress.”

The attached report is the outcome and will be progressed in 2020. Please contact with any queries.