Month: October 2018

Softball Ireland Board Meeting Update

As part of Softball Ireland’s commitment to improve communication with our members and keep you informed of areas of focus and decisions, Softball Ireland moving forward will be providing a summary of matters discussed at the Board and decisions taken. The below is a high level summary of the minutes of the

Softball Ireland Board Meeting

16 October 2018 / 7.00-9.00pm / World Rugby Offices


Colum Lavery (President – CL), Olwen Barrett (Treasurer – OB), Conor Sayles (Secretary – CS), Erin Brown (ind. – EB), Jonathan Spielberg (SL – JS), Melanie Lavery (FP – ML)


Jay Slevin (SU – JA)


  • Minutes and updates noted
      • Discussions with Baseball Ireland on the MOU continuing to finalise language.
      • EB is working on TOR for the good governance group with the aim of progressing before the 2019 season.
      • Noted that SU voted against changing the run ahead rule.
      • Softball Skills Clinic and intro to  FP launch was scheduled for 20 October in ALSAA and has been advertised on social media.
  • Softball Ulster
  • JA provided an update in advance and it was taken as read.
  • CL noted the positive progress being made in Ulster following his attendance at the recent AGM
  • Softball Leinster
    • JS circulated minutes from the last SL meeting in advance. He also shared draft, high level accounts on the day.
    • CL noted the long term need to agree a single format for all regional and national accounts to enable aggregation into consolidated “SI Group” accounts.
    • Information for the SL AGM will be circulated shortly. CL offered to meet the SL Board in advance, but JS declined – not required.
  • Fastpitch
      • ML noted the focus of the programme was turning toward bottom-up development, following on from the success of the top-down approach.
      • Finding more volunteers to support coaching and administration will be key to future progress.
      • Continue to work on developing a selection policy that is acceptable to the Olympic Federation of Ireland
      • CL noted TG4 interest in a FP documentary about girls in Irish sport, to be filmed before Christmas.
  • Treasurer
      • Update on Softball Ireland finances was noted
      • Final accounts to September 30, 2018 being prepared
  • Competitions/International
    • Belfast and Limerick are both keen to host a leg of the National Coed League. Galway are more interested in Pick ‘n’ Mix.
    • The advertisements for a Competitions and Events Officer has drawn no volunteers. It will be raised again at the SL and SI AGMs and advertised on Volunteer Ireland. We are however near confirmation on a Communications Officer.
    • CL noted a true slow pitch World Cup is in development with WBSC.
    • CL noted his delight that Julie Trundle had offered to take over the running of the defunct Indoor tournaments over the winter and she has successfully relaunched the November tournament. CL added SI were delighted that Julie had accepted the title Head of Indoors.
  • AGM
      • It is hoped to stream the AGM.  Noted some concerns were raised about the in-person quorum attendance (50% teams).
      • The SI Board reviewed the proposed constitutional amendments from SL. It was agreed that #6 is not constitutional.
      • It was agreed to amend #2 to a set date of of Notice being issued by 1 September and combine an element of #1. Board was in agreement with recommendations #3, #4 and #5
      • OB confirmed that she would not be running for re-election. CL thanked her on behalf of SI for 4 years’ service as treasurer.
  • 2019 priorities
    • The Board were supportive of proposed priorities presented by CL.
    • SI Board asked to review and provide comments in advance of the AGM.
    • SL suggested that responsibility for intervarsity coed slow pitch should reside with SI.


  • October
    • 20 Softball Skills Clinic and Fastpitch League Event, ALSAA
    • 21 Softball Leinster AGM
    • 25 SI Board Con Call (0730)
  • November
    • 17 Softball Ireland AGM, ALSAA
Under-22 Women's Team

Open Letter to Softball Ireland Membership

To: Softball Ireland Membership

Re: Open Letter to Softball Ireland Membership

I am writing to you on behalf of the Softball Ireland Board in advance of the Softball Leinster and Softball Ireland AGMs to provide clarification on some matters, update on progress in 2018 and plans for 2019. We hope that this letter will be circulated to all Softball Ireland members.

The attached letter addresses the following key areas:

  • Clarification of the Role of the Governing Body and the Regions
  • Composition of the Softball Ireland Board
  • Communication
  • Irish Open Softball Tournament 2018
  • Future of Slow Pitch Working Group
  • Softball/Baseball Merger

As a board, we appreciate that we need to improve in a number of areas and our 2019 priorities are being developed to reflect these needs. However, we cannot do this without the support of our membership and most importantly, without volunteers.

As you will note below, the Board consists of three Executive members and representatives from the Regions and Fastpitch. These representatives have their own responsibilities and limited time to give to the national body. As the saying goes, we need you.

We would ask that you take a moment or two to read the attachment so that we may have a robust and positive discussion at the Softball Ireland AGM.

We have had great success on and off the diamond in 2018 and we look forward to sharing these with you at the Softball Ireland AGM, which will be held in ALSAA on November 17, 2018.

Yours in softball,

Colum Lavery on behalf of the Softball Ireland Board


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Softball Ireland Partner with SportsNews Ireland to launch Pick’n’Mix tournaments in 2019

Softball Ireland has today announced that it will partner with SportsNews Ireland to add two exciting Pick’n’Mix Tournaments to the Softball Ireland tournament schedule in 2019.

The tournaments will invite Players to sign up individually on the day and then be allocated to teams based on positional needs and ability. The balanced teams will allow players to share their varied playing experience with each other whilst also enjoying close games in a relaxed environment.

Softball Ireland have also confirmed that the National Team Coaches will be available to run short hitting and throwing skills clinics at the Pick’n’Mix tournaments.

Head of operations at SportsNewsIRELAND Joe Naughton said “We are delighted to be sponsoring the new Pick’n’Mix tournaments in 2019, we feel it will be a great way for players of all levels to learn and get to know softballers from other clubs.”

Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said “We are very grateful to SportsNews Ireland for partnering with us for these new tournaments. Tournaments similar to this format have been ran very successfully previously and we look forward to promoting and running these fun family friendly days. We are delighted that we will be embarking on this exciting journey with the full support of SportsNews Ireland.”


About SportsNews Ireland

SportsNewsIreland is based in Galway and offers readers updates on all sports from softball to showjumping and is leading provider of GAA and rugby live score updates.


Twitter: @SportsNewsIRE

Other Softball Ireland 2019 Tournaments

  • Brian Walshe Cup
  • Softball Ireland National League
  • Irish Open Softball Tournament
  • Softball Ireland National Club Championships
  • Softball Ireland Indoor Tournaments

Softball Leinster AGM Agenda Confirmed

(The “Region”)
Softball Leinster AGM to be held at Parnell’s GAA Club
On Sunday 21st October 2018, at 12:00pm
• Confirm Team Representative Attendance and confirm that the quorum of 50% (13 teams)
has been met. (Secretary)
• Approve 2017 AGM minutes (Secretary)
• Review of the SL 2018 Season (Chairperson)
• Review the SL Accounts for the 2018 Season (Treasurer)
• Vote on Constitutional Motions – (None)
• Vote for new committee members – recruit new volunteers
o Massimo Lepri (Wicklow Wolves) has put his name forward to be Treasurer again
o From last year’s committee Brian Ebbs (Inglorious Batters), Muireann O’Farrell
(Homers), Johnny O’Brien (Thunderbolts) and Todd Zboyan (Marlay Martyrs) have
offered to stay on as Ordinary Members.
o Need to recruit a SL Secretary and one more ordinary member.
• Any other business for the Leinster Region?

2019 Softball Ulster Council Confirmed

Softball Ulster at its 2018 AGM Softball Ulster elected its Council for 2019. Softball Ireland wish to congratulate to Phil Wallace (Chief Umpire), Andrew Craven (Secretary), Rachel Bourgault (Vice Chair) and Glenn McKnight (Competitions Officer) on their appointments to Council. Softball Ireland look forward to continue working with Softball Ulster’s Chair Jay Slevin and her Council.

More details on the Softball Ulster 2019 Council may be found here

Softball Ulster Players

New Softball Ulster Council

Softball Ulster at its 2018 AGM Softball Ulster elected its Council for 2019. Softball Ireland wish to congratulate to Phil Wallace (Chief Umpire), Andrew Craven (Secretary), Rachel Bourgault (Vice Chair), Glenn McKnight (Competitions Officer) and Kerry Gottschalk (Media Officer) on their appointments to Council. Softball Ireland look forward to continue working with Softball Ulster’s Chair Jay Slevin and her Council.

For more information on on Softball Ulster’s elections and their Council click here