Presidents Message to Softball Leinster AGM

We understand that not all in attendance could hear the message below at the SL AGM – we have re-produced it for our members on the website.

To: Softball Leinster Membership

I would like to start by apologising for my absence from the Softball Leinster AGM today, however unfortunately due to Work Commitments in London I am unable to join you.

I have asked Nadia’s permission to read the following short paragraph on my behalf today.

I would like to start by thanking the current Softball Leinster Committee for all their efforts in running the leagues over the last 12 months. As volunteers it is very difficult to balance work, home, team and a committee at the same time. It has been a challenging year for Softball in Ireland and in Leinster and I would like to thank SL for their support in the SI initiatives during the season and applaud them for continuing to grow the sport during the season past.

I have watched with interest the election campaign for Chairman of SL and the comments associated with it and I am delighted to see two strong candidates for Chairman, either of which I am confident will continue to develop the game in the region and Softball Ireland will look forward to working with them … I would encourage those running for the executive positions today who are not elected to consider taking another role in SL as volunteers with such calibre are always valued!

I do shortly wish to address a number of items brought up during the current post season and provide clarity to the membership:

  •  SL is a region of Softball Ireland charged with the responsibility of running the league’s and developing the game within the region
  •  SI DO NOT have any intention of disbanding or interfering in any other way with the running of SL
  •  SL is free to structure leagues in the format they think is best for the development of the game in the region – independent of any influence from SI
  •  Finally, SL are fully involved and a key contributor to the governance of SI through their Board Member

Two weeks from today, Softball Ireland will host its AGM and it will be another important moment for our sport with a number of announcements … as we move forward and develop into an Olympic Sport which bring the potential funding options with it, I would ask all members to take an active part on the day as we look to take the sport to the next level.

Today however is about celebrating the last 12 months of SL and preparing for the next 12 months …

Finally, I would like to thank the outgoing SL Committee for all their work and pay special tribute to Nadia … over the las number of years Nadia has been close to the centre of everything good in SL and freely gave up her time to work on developing and grow the game … Nadia will be another loss to SL however, she should be thanked for everything she has done to help SL get to where it is now.

Thanks you for taking time to listen and I hope you all enjoy the Rugby World Cup final!

Colum Lavery

President, Softball Ireland