Softball Ireland enter streaming partnership with Joymo

As part of this season’s strategy, Softball Ireland (SI) are exploring ways to improve the visibility of the sport both here in Ireland and abroad through new streaming services that can bring wider access to games at all events and leagues across Ireland in 2022.

Included as part of our wider growth strategy, SI believes that a strong, quality, and consistent streaming solution is imperative for the sport.  Streaming has become standard for all levels of sport in Ireland and abroad, and with this growth, a number of innovative solutions & tools are more readily available that can be utilised to make it easier to access, but also for teams to fundraise and monetise effectively.

As part of this process, we’ll be testing with live streaming with a handful of teams across the SI leagues.  While this year will be a pilot program for a few teams who have shown interest in testing, the platform and service is available to all teams at all levels if interested.

The objective of the pilot program is to test the technology and see if these types of OTT providers can be a solution long term that all teams, events, and tournaments for Softball can utilise for both awareness but also fundraising.  

Through numerous conversations with streaming providers, SI has identified Joymo as a viable solution to provide the early tools and technology that are easy to use, as well as tick the box on core features and functionality that are important for a successful long term streaming strategy.  

Joymo works with other federation members in Ireland as well as in UK and around Europe for a range of different sports, and are eager to work with Softball Ireland and the teams as we trial and test their services throughout 2022.

You can find out more about Joymo via their website here.

Participating teams have the ability to host all games live that can be accessible on desktop or via their app.  Tools include the ability to have a scoreboard for matches and commentary.  Through the platform, all games will be accessible for participating members via the archive, and includes both subscriptions as well as advertising that gives easy solutions for clubs to offset costs and further raise sponsorship.  

We’ll be looking to host training sessions and further communication around the wider pilot program strategy for the 2022 season in the coming weeks as well.

We look forward to rolling out more communication around this in the coming weeks.  Any questions can be directed to Matt at