Softball Ireland Gender Inclusion Policy Launched

Softball Ireland has launched its Gender Inclusion Policy to coincide with the Sport Ireland and Sporting Pride #LetsGetVisible campaign as part of Pride week.

The #LetsGetVisible campaign aims to recognise and acknowledge the importance of visibility and representation amongst the LGBTQI+ community.

The Softball Ireland Gender Inclusion Policy is a continuation of softball’s support for the LGBTQI+ community and to ensure that softball in Ireland is a welcoming and inclusive space for the community.

Softball Ireland is proud to launch our Gender Inclusion Policy and support the #LetsGetVisible campaign and we encourage the softball community to do the same.

Speaking about the launch of the Gender Inclusion Policy, Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said “Softball Ireland has always had a commitment to softball being an open, welcoming and inclusive sport to members of the LGBTQI+ community. The purpose of this policy is to ensure there is absolute clarity for everyone involved in softball in Ireland when it comes to the openness and inclusiveness of our sport.

Softball Ireland fully respects the gender identity of players and our policy reiterates our position that softball should continue to be played in the spirit of sport, allowing for a safe and fun environment for all players.”

Click here to download Softball Ireland’s Gender Inclusion Policy

We are also asking teams and players to post their messages of support for the campaign using #LetsGetVisible – you can get creative and post a picture with a pride flag, wearing your most colourful clothing, or you can use any of the graphics available to download on the Sporting Pride website.

To get involved in the campaign all you need to do is go to Sporting Pride’s website  and download a profile picture overlay, which you can add to your profile picture.