Statement from Hippetys Softball Club

Please see the below statement issued on behalf of the Hippetys Softball Club

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the player who contracted COVID-19 is doing well and showing no symptoms. The player’s family is also doing well. We would like to thank all the teams and players for taking this news with grace and respect.

The Club would like to assure Softball Ireland members that the contact with COVID-19 does not seem to have come from playing softball or softball related activities. The player, who showed no symptoms, was exposed to suspected contact through work. Everyone at their workplace was tested after COVID-19 emerged there. The player was involved in that testing and tested positive for COVID-19. 

On confirmation of a positive result, the club immediately alerted Softball Ireland (S.I.) who took action and responded with a plan within a few hours at which point all players were informed. We would like to thank S.I. for their help with a very difficult situation.

In regard to rumours and speculation, we were contacted about pictures of players, in a pub, on Facebook. This was done in relation to players not social distancing at a social gathering of softball players. We feel this is unfair to both softball clubs involved as well as the player. While we will never know definitively how the COVID-19 was contracted but as mentioned before it seems highly unlikely that softball or softball related social activities contributed to the positive COVID-19 test.

In relation to the player’s request for anonymity, we realize that some players and teams will know who the player who contracted COVID-19 is. Please keep this information to yourself and if you are asked any questions about COVID-19 or the player, please direct all questions to your COVID-19 officer or Softball Ireland.

Finally, we would also like to thank all the teams and players who sent well wishes and messages of support.