Softball Ireland Clothing Store – NOW OPEN

 Softball Ireland are delighted to announce that the fully customized online supporter clothing store is available by Clicking Here.

This online store will only be open until MIDNIGHT APRIL 17TH. Please be sure to make your purchase before then because a re-open date has not yet been established and the store may not be available again for several months. Once the store is closed we are unable to take more orders! Once the store closes we begin production on your custom team items. All packages will ship DIRECTLY TO CUSTOMERS no later than MAY 10TH. Shipping may take a few days so please be prepared for that. If you select an expedited shipping option, that option will take effect when we ship on MAY 10TH. Selecting Overnight shipping will not get you your gear by tomorrow. Please keep that in mind as you shop.

For Irish based shoppers wishing to purchase items from the shop the attached form should be down loaded from here: 3n2 Order Form – Irish National Team
Samples & order forms will be available at the organisers tent at the Brian Walshe Cup on April 8, 2017
Please help support and promote Irish Softball