Quick Interview #6 – Jenny Patterson (Bohan)

[title size=”1″]Quick Interview #6 – Jenny Patterson (Bohan)[/title]

When did you start Softball? 
I started playing softball in 1998, Yikes that’s a few years!!

Why Softball??
I played Rounders competitively within the Community Games from the age of 8 winning lots of All Ireland Medals with Lakelands Rounders club. I absolutely loved Rounders and was introduced to softball by a friend of a Rounders friend who had been bitten by the Softball bug.

Have you played any other sports?
Yes, Rounders, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Athletics, Badminton. I love sport.

What club do you play for?
I play with the Oddsox Green in Ireland and we have won the league 3 times with a lot of frustrating runner-up years and with H2O in the UK where we have won the National League 4 times. Oddsox Green are due to play in the European Clubs next year and I played with H2O in the European Clubs in Prague last year.

Do you have any pre match routines?
A general warm up and jog to get the body limbered up. A throw to get the arms sorted and the eye in, and a few swings of the bat too. It’s also always good to take a few moments before the game starts to focus on your intent to win!

When was your first international game? 
In 2000-Maynooth.

How many caps do you have?
Not absolutely certain, I played for Ireland in the Europeans in 2000 and 2004, but also at many preparation tournaments in the UK. I imagine about 20+

What can we do to continue to get people interested in Softball? 
I think we could market the sport a little better than we do. There are plenty of people who don’t even know what it is or that it’s available in Ireland. I understand that we don’t have a lot of funds available but I think it would be worth it in the long run. Also grassroots programmes are essential to the growth of the sport.

Are you sponsored?
No, Self-funding.

What’s your international Goal? 
To win Gold would be awesome. I have a silver and a bronze in my pocket so there’s only one more I want!

Who is your favourite female player?
Melanie of course…. Ha Ha

Who is your favourite male player?
Well if we can include baseball I would say Dustin Pedroia, he is one serious player!

Which countries have you played Softball in? Where was your favourite?
UK, Jersey, Austria, USA, Czech Republic.
I would have to say Austria as I met my husband at that tournament!!