Softball Ireland – Annual General Meeting

Dear Softballers,

On behalf of Softball Ireland please find attached notice of the reconvened Annual General Meeting which will be held on March 22, 2015. The last AGM was suspended as we did not reach a quorum of the meeting and Softball Ireland does take part responsibility for this.

I would like to encourage each team to ensure they have a representative at the AGM for what is a critical and crucial moment for our sport.

During the off season Softball Ireland has been working behind the scenes to continuously develop our sport and a number of crucial items need to be confirmed to permit us grow the sport in all forms. We need you there to provide us with a mandate to grow our sport and ensure the long term viability of Softball in Ireland

Softball Ireland will hopefully be in a position to confirm a new “product” which will open the game to more than just the traditional player and attract sponsorship and interest to the game at the AGM.

Softball Ireland will also deal with questions surrounding our National Squad Programmes, Development, regions and the incorporation of the Federation.

I look forward to you joining us and I would ask that you confirm a representative of your team’s attendance to in advance of the meeting.