Softball Ireland AGM

Colum Lavery Re-Elected As President of Softball Ireland

The Softball Ireland membership at it Annual General Meeting unanimously agreed to re-appoint Colum Lavery as President of Softball Ireland for a further two year term.

Speaking of his appointment Lavery said ” I am honoured that the membeship have voted to give me a second term as President of Softball Ireland. I look forward to working with Softball Leinster, Softball Ulseter and all our teams to continue growing our sport both domestically and internationally.” Lavery added ” there is much work to be done in the coming years and I am delighted to be joined on the Board by people with the skills and motivation to bring our sport to the next level”

Other Decisions Confirmed By the Softball Ireland AGM are laid out below:

  1. Membership agreed to move Softball Ireland from ASA Rules to ISF Rules with immediate effect
  2. Membership agreed to provide seed funding of a maximum of €500 upon application to assist National Teams
  3. Membership confirmed that SI should continue to be an active and engaged member of the ESF and agreed to subsidies Congress attendance to a maximum of €400 in 2016

Election Results

Executive Members

  • President: Colum Lavery
  • Secretary: Paddy Donnelly
  • Treasurer: Olwen Barrett

Ordinary Members

  • Conor Lennon
  • Erin Brown
  • Elaine Cunningham (Softball Ulster)
  • Jonathan Spielberg (Softball Leinster)

Other Updates from Softball Ireland

  1. SI Regulations will require all teams to have a minimum of three helmets available in the dugout at all times. SI announced that a subsidy of upto €40 will be available to clubs who buy helmets through Softball Ireland
  2. SI announce funding for a 2 day Umpiring Course to be held in early 2016
  3. SI announced a centralised ball deal for all Regions with a sponsor who will be announced shortly
  4. SI have confirmed that all tournaments will need to be approved in advance by Softball Ireland
  5. SI announced that the Womens Fastpitch league will be launched in early May 2016
  6. SI confirmed that IOST will be held in the University of Limerick in August 2016