An infield softball.

Temporary SL League Suspension

The Softball Ireland (SI) Medical Committee were made aware on Sunday August 8, 2021 that a player in the SL region had received a positive test for COVID that morning.

Softball Ireland understand the player and family are doing well at this time and on behalf of the membership wish the player a speedy recovery in the coming weeks.  

Softball Leinster sought guidance from the SI Medical Committee on the application of the updated COVID RTPP which was issued to the membership in May 2021.

Following notification of the positive test, the SI Medical Committee reviewed games played by the relevant player 7 days prior to Positive test. Following review of all the relevant information and in accordance with the SI RTTP, the SI Medical Committee, SI Board and Softball Leinster (SL) Committee agreed that:

  1. All teams considered as contacts of the positive test would be stood down from all Softball activities for a period of 14 days from the date of the positive test;
  2. All Leinster Softball League games would be be suspended for 2 weeks, to return on August 23, 2021;
  3. Teams may train within in their respective team bubbles, however there should be no friendlies or multi team training;
  4. The Dublin IOST event scheduled for August 21, 2021 is postponed to September 2021.

The SI Medical Committee have subsequently had the opportunity to review updated government advice and the restrictions around item (1) above has been amended to:

  1. * All teams in the club of the player receiving the positive test are stood down from all Softball activities for a period of 14 days from the date of the positive test. All other teams may train in accordance to restriction (3).

Softball Leinster, the SI Medical Committee and SI Board continue to monitor the matter and will update the membership as further information becomes available.

We appreciate that players are disappointed with the joint Softball Leinster and Softball Ireland decision to temporarily suspend the leagues but the health of our members is our number one priority and we hope that this quick circuit break will prevent further spread and play will return without risk to the community.

We encourage all players and teams to adhere to the rules to protect each other, allow the sport to return quicker and prevent further spread in the community. 

The rules set out at the beginning of the season call for the shutdown of the whole region’s league. This is due to the possible mixing of players between premier league and rec league and also the weekend competition.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank teams and players for maintaining the RTPP rules which have allowed so many games to have been played already this year and remind members to maintain social distance in dugouts, Umpires to wear masks and that members do not go to into other team dugouts when games return.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.