Month: July 2020

Have Your Say: CO-ED Slowpitch Development Plan Consultation

The Slowpitch Development Working Group has prepared a DRAFT development plan for co-ed slowpitch softball in Ireland.

This plan has been developed with the working party comprising of Ruth Brady, Declan Carty, Andrew Craven, Will Gilpin, Amanda Ní Ghabhann, Jay Slevin & Colum Lavery (President).  There have been two workshops to develop the DRAFT, and a third is planned for the end of August to considering member feedback.

Sofball Ireland members are invited to review the attached draft Co-ed Slowpitch Development plan and consider the below questions.

The DRAFT CO-ED Slowpitch Development Plan can be downloaded here

1. Do you agree with the vision statement yes/No
2. If No can you, please provide comment on what needs to be changed and or added
3. Do you agree with the six work streams required to achieve the Vision yes/No
4. If No can you, please provide comment on what is missing and or should be removed/changed
5. Is there anything missing from the tasks/programmes to be developed that you feel should be considered for inclusion in the next Draft

The final date for feedback on the plan is Monday 17th August. The Project Team will meet on the 27th August and consider what changes should be made to the Draft as a result of the feedback received. Following this meeting, a final Draft Development Plan will be provided to the Softball Ireland Board for its consideration and hopefully, approval.

Members are asked to send their feedback on the DRAFT CO-ED Slowpitch Development plan to

Softball Ireland to host on-line Introductory Umpire Course

Softball Ireland are delighted to confirm that an on-line Introductory Slow-pitch Umpire Course will be hosted by Paul Peake and Massimo Lepri on Thursday 23rd July at 7pm.

The course is open to all Softball Ireland members and is part of Softball Ireland’s broader committment to increasing the number of umpires across the island of Ireland. Details on furter courses together with the outcomes and umpire pathways developed following the Softball Ireland Umpires Working Group will be circulated shortly.

In odred to register your attendance for the on-line course please contact Massimo Lepri at .

Home plate with a bat, balls and helmet.

COVID-19 Symptom Screening & Contact Tracing

Effective July 20, 2020

Softball Ireland have announced the launch of its COVID-19 Symptom Screening and Contact Tracking Web-App.

In accordance with government requirements Softball is required to maintain records of all attendees at Softball training and games. Additionally, it is the recommendation of Sport Ireland that all participants certify they are not experiencing symptoms prior to training/playing.

Softball Ireland have partnered with Redicare for the use of a a GDPR compliant and secure COVID-19 online survey which will both provide a Play/No Play advice to participants and the required contact tracing functionality.

All members of Softball Ireland wishing to play softball with effect from July 20, 2020 are required to register and complete the Web App questionnaire in advance of each training/game. The questionnaire should be completed as close to the event time possible but no earlier than 6 hours in advance.

Team/Club COVID-19 Officers will be provided with team admin access in-order to use the Web App to track attendance at training and games.

For further questions on the Web-App kindly email