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Slowpitch Umpiring Course – Module 1

The third and final part of Module 1 of the Softball Ireland Slowpitch umpiring course which covered “Basics of Game Management Part 2” was held on August 20, 2020.

If you have missed any of the three session from Module 1, not to worry, they have all been uploaded to the Softball Ireland Youtube TV Channel and can be located in the Coaching section using the below link. The videos can also be accessed via the Softball Ireland homepage. Softball Ireland TV Link

The Module 1 presentations and link to Module 1 on-line exam will be availble in the Umpiring section of the website shortly.

Softball Ireland would like to thank Massimo Lepri and Paul Peake for developing the Module 1 course and presenting it over the last number of weeks.

Softball Ireland Slowpitch Umpiring Course – Session 3

The third part of the Softball Ireland umpiring course will be held via Zoom on August 20, 2020. The third sesseion will cover Basics of Game Management Part 2.

If you are interested in attending please contact Massimo on to register your attendance.

If you have missed either of the first two sessions of the course, not to worry, they have been uploaded to the Softball Ireland Youtube TV Channel and can be located in the Coaching section using the below link. The videos can also be accessed via the Softball Ireland homepage.

Softball Ireland TV Link

Softball Ireland to host on-line Introductory Umpire Course

Softball Ireland are delighted to confirm that an on-line Introductory Slow-pitch Umpire Course will be hosted by Paul Peake and Massimo Lepri on Thursday 23rd July at 7pm.

The course is open to all Softball Ireland members and is part of Softball Ireland’s broader committment to increasing the number of umpires across the island of Ireland. Details on furter courses together with the outcomes and umpire pathways developed following the Softball Ireland Umpires Working Group will be circulated shortly.

In odred to register your attendance for the on-line course please contact Massimo Lepri at .

Softball Ireland Umpires Working Group Report

In response to growing concerns at the quality and quantity of umpires in the regions, Softball Ireland setup a working group in September 2019 chaired by the Softball Ireland Secretary to assess the current state of play and recommend actions to move forward.

The Working Group members consisted of the respective Regional Umpiring Chiefs, current and formed ESF umpires and active umpires from the regions. The Working group consisted of the following members:

  • Conor Sayles (Chair)
  • Maarten Blanken (SU)
  • Niall Byrne (SL)
  • Sean Gottschalk (SU)
  • Derek Harnett (SL)
  • Paul Peake (SL)
  • Phil Wallace (SU)
  • Colum Lavery (SI President)

Speaking on the report, Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said “Umpiring is a major challenge facing Softball Ireland, especially in the Leinster Region at this time. Softball Ireland formed this group to hopefully assist the efforts of the Regional Boards in addressing the challenges they are facing. I wish to thank the Working Group members for their honest, constructive and expert input and recommendations. The Working Group meetings highlighted the depth of experience that still exists in our sport and the enthusiasm to make real progress.”

The attached report is the outcome and will be progressed in 2020. Please contact with any queries.


An infield softball.

Softball Leinster Awarded Umpire Development Grant

Softball Ireland have today announced the awarding of an umpire development grant to Softball Leinster. Following on from the commitment given at the 2018 Annual General Meeting to assist Softball Leinster addressing the umpiring short fall in the Leinster region,  Softball Ireland have agreed to allow the 2019 Brian Walshe Cup to be designated as a training tournament for newly trained umpires to gain valuable experience and feedback. 

In addition to designating the Brian Walsh Cup as an umpire training tournament, Softball Ireland have agreed to provide Softball Leinster with funding to support the following:

  • Allotment of funding for the costs of hosting umpire training courses
  • Allotment of funding for the assessment and guidance of new umpires at the Brian Walshe Cup by experienced and qualified umpires

Speaking on the announcement of the funding, Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said “Softball Ireland welcome Softball Leinsters push to develop more umpires in the Region and we are delighted that as the National Governing Body we can provided Softball Leinster with both logistical and financial support through the development grant and making the Brian Walshe Cup available to umpires to get experience and positive feedback from other experienced umpires.”

The first of the Softball Leinster umpire beginner’s training courses for 2019 will be on the 13th of April. Time and Location TBD.

James O’Farrell Represents Ireland at WBSC CO-ED Slow Pitch World Cup

Ireland may have not traveled to the 2015 WBSC Co-Ed Slow Pitch World Cup, however we are delighted to be represented on the field by James O’Farrell who was selected as one of the Umpires for the event.

James is well know within Irish and European Umpiring circles and we are delighted that he was selected to the event.

Speaking on his appointment, Softball Ireland President Colum Lavery said “James selection is an appropriate recognition of both his ability as an Umpire and time and effort he has put into developing the Co-Ed aspect of umpiring in Ireland and Europe. Softball Ireland wish James all the best and we have no doubt that he will do us proud.”

Lavery added “Softball Ireland hopes that James appointment shows our members the pathway that can exist for umpires and the opportunities available to them.”

Softball Ireland at is AGM on November 14 announced that it will fund Umpire training courses and will work with Softball Leinster and Softball Ulster to increase the pool of Umpires in Ireland.

The 2015 WBSC Co-Ed Slow Pitch World Cup takes place from November 19 – 22, 2015.