Month: March 2022

Softball Ireland Injury Policy Launched

As teams begin to return to training and tournaments and leagues on the horizon, Softball Ireland have today issued the “Softball Ireland Injury Policy”.

The policy has been developed by the Softball Ireland Medical Committee (Dr. Andrew Craven and Dr. Melanie Cunningham).

Softball Ireland (SI) takes the health and safety of its members seriously, especially in the case of head injury or in the event of a player becoming unconscious during a game or training session. This policy has been developed to assist the regional associations, national teams, clubs, and players promote good practice regarding general safety and injury to players, with a specific focus on head injuries.

SI expects all regional associations, national teams, clubs, and players to follow this policy and the guidance contained within it in full.

We would encourage all teams, tournament organisers and Regional Boards to become familiar with the document and implement it as appropriate. 

The “Softball Ireland Injury Policy” is available under the resources section of the Softball Ireland website ( and throught the following link – 

For further information, or clarification on any aspects of this policy, the medical committee can be contacted by emailing:

Brian Walshe Cup 2022 – Registration Open

The 2022 Brian Walshe Cup will be held on Saturday April 23, 2022 in ALSAA, Dublin. The 2022 BWC will be the first tournament hosted by Softball Ireland post COVID restrictions and we are looking forward to returning to normal with a big turnout in 2022!

Team entry cost is €175 with registration closing on Friday 15th April at 5pm. Game Balls will be provided by Softball Ireland on the day.

IWD: Leadership in Sport – Softball Leinster

For International Women’s Day 2022, Softball Ireland wish to highlight the female leaders in our sport who continiously help us govern, grow and develop softball in Ireland

Gillian Sinnamon

This is my first year on the Softball Leinster Committee, although I was on the Softball Ireland Committee a few years ago (Ok quite a few years). I started playing softball through an ex-boyfriend, his team were short a girl so I filled in and I’m still playing over 25 years later.

I’ve only played for 2 teams, 24 years with Beachers and a couple of seasons ago I joined the Titans.

During the day, I’m the accounts payable executive for Oxendales Ireland, which I love, no two days are the same.

Over the years I met some amazing people and made so many great friends through Softball, its my little escape on a Wednesday evening.

I’ve volunteered my time to the committee because after all these years I think its time to give back to the sport I love that has given me so much over the years. My ultimate goal on the committee is to help grow the sport and make it more visible.

Lisa Brady

Lisa Brady – Finance Business Partner
Playing Softball for Usual Suspects since 2017.

Am an absolute Softball Nut love it so much. It’s a sport that’s so inclusive easy going and there is such a wonderful collection of people in it.

I joined the Committee to try and give something back to a sport that has given me so much. Every little helps as they say. Want to inject some fun and development into the Sport and I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t play it

Heather Foust – Usual Suspects

I started playing softball at age 10 back home in Texas and joined softball in Ireland in 2019 playing with the Suspects.

To pay the bills, I am a Manager in the Financial Services Advisory department at Grant Thornton. My main focus is internal audit and AML so you could say I’d be fit to ensure the accounts at SL are appropriately managed. Over the last couple of years I’ve met and made lots of friends through softball and built a real family with the Suspects.

I truly enjoy playing the game and have always wanted to help build the sport across the country. It’s great to be part of something bigger and hope that by being a member of the committee I can assist in achieving great things. Impatiently waiting for a full season!

IWD: Leadership in Softball – Gillian Fitzpatrick

For International Women’s Day 2022, Softball Ireland wish to highlight the female leaders in our sport who continiously help us govern, grow and develop softball in Ireland.

Gillian Fitzpatrick, Board Member, Softball Ireland

I’m still relatively new to the game – but this is my second year on the board of Softball Ireland. I like to think I add a bit of an outsider’s perspective! It’s important that we build and nurture a strong board, and for me that means drawing on different experiences, backgrounds, and areas of expertise.

I founded my own advertising and marketing company, Bolter Media, last year and currently act as its MD. I work with start- and scale-up brands who have put significant blood, sweat, and tears into developing their products and services – and then struggle to know how they’re going to acquire their customers. That’s when I come in.

If you’re looking to make a splash with a new brand, I always recommend the following: streamline your messaging, develop brilliant social media platforms, be confident, and don’t panic. That last one is really important!

Playing softball offers me a nice bit of respite from the madness of running my own business. It’s competitive but it’s also an accessible sport – you don’t need to have played before and or be typically ‘sporty’ to get going. And this year, after two years of Covid-19 disruption, we’re hopefully now going into a more normal season. I can’t wait!

IWD: Leadership in Softball – Jacinta Kelly

For International Women’s Day 2022, Softball Ireland wish to highlight the female leaders in our sport who continiously help us govern, grow and develop softball in Ireland.

Jacinta Kelly, Treasurer Galway Softball

Playing softball since 2005 with the Galway Tribes. Started playing through people from work as they were short of girls and asked me to give it a try. I always like trying new things so I gave it a go and I’m still playing.

In my day job I’m the VP of Finance for a travel technology company, OpenJaw Technologies Limited. I’m a Chartered Accountant so probably inevitable that you’ll be asked to be treasurer at some point. Over the years I’ve met and made lots of friends through softball of all ages and nationalities, it really is an inclusive sport. We’ve had players from 16 to 70 play with us.

It’s also nice to give something back to the club by being part of the committee. I’d encourage anyone to give it a try.