Month: January 2021

The Co-Ed Slow Pitch National Team representing Ireland.

Sofball Ireland Slowpitch National Teams – Open Positions

Director of Slowpitch National Teams 

The previously advertised position will report directly to the Softball Ireland board and provide oversight for all Slowpitch National Teams operations including, but not limited to, programme finances, personnel (hiring, evaluations) and programme operations, team logistics (scheduling, programme needs). The Director will oversee, coordinate and evaluate all coaches and players and is responsible for overall team operations, while reporting directly to the Board of Softball Ireland. The Coaching staff of the Slowpitch National Team programmes will report directly to the Director of Slowpitch National Teams.

Slowpitch National Teams Head Coach

Softball Ireland are seeking a Slowpitch National Teams Head Coach who will be responsible for coaching Softball Ireland’s Slowpitch National teams (CO-ED and Men’s) to compete in European and World Cup competitions. The Head Coach will focus on the development, training and selection of the Slowpitch National Teams.

The job specifications for the positions are available below and candidates are requested to submit a cover letter and curriculum vitate to the Softball Ireland Secretary, Steve Trundle ( by 5pm on Friday January 29, 2021.

Click Here to Download Director of Slowpitch National Teams Job Description

Click Here to Download Slowpitch National Teams Head Coach Job Description

Ashbourne Antlers Need Our Help

Leinster League’s Ashbourne Antlers Softball Club and their sister club Ashbourne Baseball Club are asking for our support in signing a petition (Click Here For Link To Petition) to protect the International Baseball Centre.

A motion is going before Meath County Council regarding the planning status of the land that the International Baseball Centre,home to the Ashbourne Antlers. The proposal is seeking to have this land zoned as residential.

Such a decision would open the possibility of the land being sold to a developer and Ashbourne Baseball and Softball Club being evicted. The club has invested a lot of time, energy and money into the venue which has become the premier venue for Baseball in Ireland since it opened. The venue is also home to the Antlers and has become a facourite venue for teams to travel to.

We would ask our members to support Ashbourne Antlers and Ashbourne Baseball club by signing the attached petition and sharing the link on social media and across your teams.