Quick Interview #7 – Laura Hoey

[title size=”1″]Quick Interview #7 – Laura Hoey[/title]

When did you start Softball? 
I started Slow pitch in 2011 when I returned from the States after 6 years of living there.

Why Softball??
I returned from a soccer scholarship in America and new about fast pitch from living stateside. When I was jogging my local park I saw what looked liked softball but the pitching was under hand and there were men and women!! That grabbed my attention and curiosity, and now I’m entering my 5th season in a great sport.

Have you played any other sports?
I’ve always been a sports player but soccer was my heartbeat and I that was followed by GAA and cross country running.

What club do you play for?
I’m currently deciding what team my schedule will permitted me to join this year regarding training days and match days. I was previously a 2pak club member but a bit of a softball hoe really!

Do you have any pre match routines?
I usually try and get with a fast armed player mainly male to wake me up and shake of any rustiness or nerves. Have a hard throwing warm up!!

When was your first international game? 
My first international game was 2013 against an over 50’s American team in the Celtic classic before we traveled for the 2013 Euros.

How many caps do you have?
Em, I believe I have like 5 caps in slow pitch and 1 in soccer

What can we do to continue to get people interested in Softball? 
I’ve helped mu sister out in youth reach programs she does and I held softball camps during it, I reckon that’s a good place to start and schools sports days etc, the kids and teenagers coming up are out best bet!! We need to be targeting schools and colleges which I know some in SL and SI are already, if more people got on board….

Are you sponsored?
I am lucky that both my previous employer (Australian) and current (American) company are sponsoring me for the up coming trip, let’s hope it covers everything 😉

What’s your international Goal? 
My heart broke to lose by 1 run against Germany in 2013 for a medal position in slow pitch. We are the underdogs this year in Holland but my aspirations stay the same, give 110% and play for a medal!!

Who is your favourite female player?
Haha I have learned so much from various players over the years and would be unfair to name only one. I’ll go with Mrs Finch as my neutral choice and she needs no explanation!!

Who is your favourite male player?
Same goes for the men, lots have helped me mature and evolve as a player but there’s a small few that have helped me immensely and would be unfair to only name one.

Which countries have you played Softball in? Where was your favourite?
Hawaii being the most awesome place I’ve played slow pitch in just because it’s Hawaii, there have been some close seconds, Czech Republic, Italy, Scotland, London, and many more to come 🙂